Let’s face it: learning a language it’s not a piece of cake. Especially when we don’t necessarily have contact with it most of the time. However, it’s not rocket science either and I can promise you: if you take advantage of all the content available in Portuguese is Sexy’s platforms, you’ll make it!

My name is André and I’m just a Portuguese guy living abroad for almost five years. During this International experience, I came across multiple language exchanges which made me an enthusiast on the art of spreading knowledge.

I’ve had several experiences either as a tutor or as a student of languages and what I noticed so far was the lack of offer of materials / courses / content online in Portuguese from Portugal (PT-PT). Most of the available tools to learn Portuguese are either boring, expensive or in Portuguese from Brazil (PT-BR).

That’s why I’m here! To create content to teach Portuguese from Portugal (PT-PT) to English speakers so there’s no need to give an arm and a leg for it or dying out of boredom during that process.