Why learn Portuguese? 7 reasons why you should learn the sexiest language in the world

Let me guess… You’ve been wondering about how you should learn a new language. Or, you already decided that you’re going to do it, but you’re still not sure about which language to choose. Or, you even decided that you’ll learn Portuguese but you’re facing an existential crisis?

Well, after reading this post, you won’t have any more doubts!

Here’s a list of seven reasons why you should learn Portuguese:

#1. It will make you richer

Being rich isn’t only about having a lot of money. Knowledge is definitely one of the most valuable forms of richness one can have, as it surely opens an enormous amount of doors.
Learning languages develop you as a human being by giving you a wider scope of the world and providing you tools to dig deeper into different cultures and people. They basically work as access cards into areas where people not possessing them can’t enter.
But I’m not only talking on the metaphoric sense of the word “richer”. Knowing Portuguese can literally make you richer.

In a globalized world where most of the people already have the ability to speak English either as a mother tongue or as a second language, knowing additional languages might be the tiebreaker between you and other candidates for the job you’re applying for. Or the tiebreaker between your business and your competitors. Or the actual target of the job you want to get or the business you want to start. Bear in mind that Brazil is the 9th biggest economy of the world!

#2. There’s a huge community of Portuguese speakers

Who doesn’t want to be connected with the world? We are sociable creatures and languages are our ultimate tool to be connected with the others. Like Nokia, languages connect people, and the Portuguese language can definitely connect you to an immense community.
Believe it or not, Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the World. It’s an official language in 9 countries (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and Sao Tome and Principe) and 1 region (Macao) counting with approximately 215 million native speakers spread across 4 continents.
There are an estimated 260 million people speaking Portuguese in the world. You can be the 260.000.001th!

#3. Comprehend “mandatory” masterpieces

There was an incredible phenomenon on the Eurovision 2017. Only three artists among thirty-six contestants performed on their native language. One of them won the contest.
Salvador Sobral brought the Portuguese language to a show watched by more than 182 million people worldwide and the world surrendered to the charm of it.
There are dozens of notable artists singing in Portuguese. The Portuguese language even has its own music genres such as Fado, Morna and Bossa Nova. You probably heard of them. If not, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and listen the “fados” of Amália Rodrigues or Mariza, the “queen of Morna” Cesária Évora and the most notable Bossa Nova’s artists such as Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, and Chico Buarque.
If you’re more of a reader, you might be interested in names like José Saramago – Nobel prize of literature in 1998, Luís Vaz de Camões (he’s so important that the Portuguese national holiday, the 10th of June, it’s also his day), Fernando Pessoa (a.k.a. Ricardo Reis; Alberto Caeiro; Álvaro de Campos; etc.), Eça de Queirós, and so many others.
Translations jeopardize the content of art, so there’s no go around: if you want to properly absorb the content of a masterpiece, you’ve got to know the language!

#4. It will give you superpowers

Portuguese is perfectly positioned on the internationally recognized scale of “languages-useful-to-know” which goes from “completely useless” to “overcrowded”. Ok, there’s no such thing as the internationally recognized scale of “languages-useful-to-know”, I’m just making that up. But think with me, what is the point for you to learn a language spoken by 3 million people all concentrated in the same country? Of course, if you are living/going to live there or if you found the love of your life on an international exchange program, it makes sense. But if not?
And at the same time what’s the point of learning a language that your cousin, neighbor, yoga instructor, the other cousin, basketball colleague, the guy from the store and parrot already speak?
I believe Portuguese is not taught in most schools of the big majority of non-Portuguese-speaking countries, unlike French, Spanish or German, making it a super special yet not useless language to learn. Think of it as having a superpower that most people around you don’t have. And it won’t be the kind of weird-useless superpower like having the ability to transform sugar into sand. It really can open doors and be a life-changing superpower.

#5. Two for the price of one

Did you know that Portugal is a region which belongs to Spain? No! Of course, it’s not! This is one of the statements that make Portuguese people go bananas. In fact, Portugal has one of the oldest borders in the world! The actual border is nearly 800 years old! Just for you to understand how old this is, at the time there were still Tyrannosaurus Rex living in the Iberian Peninsula. There are records proving that D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, conquered Portugal’s territory using the help of those dinosaurs. Ok, forget this last part. It would be interesting though.
However, there’s no way to deny it: the lexical similarity between Portuguese and Spanish, is over 80%. So, Portuguese people, are like superheroes who are completely normal until they reach their adolescence and find out that they have a superpower within them: the ability to speak Spanish. Alright, to be fair, I wouldn’t call it Spanish, it’s more a non-official language called Portuñol. But still, Portuguese can go to Spain and easily communicate with anyone.
So this is another big advantage! You learn Portuguese, and you are already halfway to learn Spanish. Or even Italian, or French… To sum up, the Portuguese language opens you the path of romance languages (the most beautiful in the world).

#6. It will provide you a better touristic experience

I was born in a small city less than one hour away from Lisbon and around two hours away from Porto. Having visited often both cities when I was a kid, I can tell you: nowadays the tourism in both cities has gone nuts! Everyone is visiting Portugal! But the question is: are they having a proper Portuguese experience? No. And you know why? Because it’s super easy to fall into the same standard-shallow-overpriced touristic route as everyone else.
If you speak the local language, you’ll have the chance to go much further. It’s much harder for you to get fooled and you have the possibility to dig deeper into the “real deal”.
The same applies not only for Lisbon and Porto, but any Portuguese speaking destination that you might want to visit, like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Faro, etc. You can even fall in love with the place and extend your weekend trip to a week. Or to a lifetime. Believe me, you wouldn’t be the first!

#7. Portuguese is Sexy!

I don’t even have to write anything on this topic… Just look at the name of this website: It’s a website, it’s on the Internet… therefore it has to be true!

I hope you enjoyed the reading on how you definitely should learn Portuguese, but in case you are now wondering “but how can I learn Portuguese?”, well my friend, you don’t even have to leave this website! You are in the right place! It’s that easy… Just stay tuned, like our Facebook page and subscribe our Youtube channel. “Portuguese is sexy” is still under development, but I can promise you regular new tools and materials that will make you learn the sexiest language in the world!

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  1. cbholganza says:

    you’re right. i once had a portuguese classmate while taking advance studies in the US. and i i loved it everytime he talked to his wife. such a sexy sounding language there.


    1. Cbholganza good to hear! I invite you to stay tuned in this project in case you want to get to know a little bit more!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cbholganza says:

        gladly! do indulge me.


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